A c t i v i t i e s

Seminars, Workshops and Conference Presentations

(2013 – 2016)

14th Paris December Finance Meeting, 12/2016, Paris (new)
Koc University Finance Seminar, 10/2016, Istanbul
IAAE 2016 Annual Conference, 06/2016, Milano
9th Annual SoFiE Conference, 062016, Hong Kong
16th Oxmetrics Conference, 09/2015, Aix-En-Provence
The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, 07/2015, St. Louis
EFMA Conference, 06/2015, Amsterdam
8th Int. Conference on Financial Econometrics, 12/2014, Pisa
Econometric Society E. Meeting, 08/2014, Toulouse
Econometric Society Aust. Meeting, 07/2014, Hobart
3rd Humboldt-Copenhagen Conference, 03/2013, Berlin

(2009 – 2012)

CEE Annual Conference, Bogazici Univ., 12/2012, Istanbul
CESAM Seminar, Université Catholique de Louvain, 12/2012, LLN
11th Oxmetrics Conference, 03/2012, Washington DC
5th Int. Conference on CFE, 12/2011, London
10th Applied Econometrics Conference for Finance, 11/2011, Paris
3L Finance Workshop, September 2011, Brussels
10th Oxmetrics Conference, 09/2011, Maastricht
Doctoral Workshop in Finance, December 2010, Namur
4th Int. Conference on CFE, 12/2010, London
Spring Con. of Young Economists, 04/2010, Luxembourg City
3rd RGS Doctoral Conference in Economics, 02/2010, Bochum
PAI Workshop, Catholic University of Leuven, 10/2009, Leuven
EU Seminar Program, 02/2009


Academic Visits and Experience

Visiting Scholar, FED – St. Louis (07/2015)
Visiting Professor, Aix-Marseille School of Management (01/2015)
Visiting Researcher, U. of Tasmania, Dept. of Economics (07/2014)
Visiting Scholar, FED – St. Louis (03/2011 – 06/2011)
Visiting Researcher, Maastricht University (03/2011 – 06/2011)
Researcher, U. of Leuven, Dept. of Economics (09/2010 – 03/2013)
Researcher, Louvain School of Management (09/2009 – 03/2013)


Honors and Awards

Research Excellence Grant, IESEG, 2016-present
FSR Doctoral Fellowship, 2010-2012
PAI-Belgium Doctoral Fellowship, 2009-2010
National Scholars Honor Society Membership Award, 2008
Fulbright Fellowship, 2006-2008
State University of New York Graduate Scholarship, 2006-2008
Boston University Pre-academic Training Scholarship, July 2006,
1st ranked in graduation, KH Univ., Department of Economics, 2005
2nd ranked in graduation, KH Univ., Faculty of Econ/Man., 2005
Kadir Has University Undergraduate Scholarship, 2000-2005


Academic Activities

Ad-hoc reviewer for Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of International Money and Finance, Journal of Empirical Finance, Macroeconomic Dynamics, Review of International Economics, Annals of Economics and Statistics, International Review of Economics and Finance, Economics Bulletin, Journal of Risk and Financial Management, Econometrics